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About Providence
One of a kind and the star of the show!
Providence V is a Gloucester schooner, a baby tallship half the size of the Blackfish, the American schooner of which she is a replica. Her builder, an Australian man who fought in the Korean War travelled all the way to the USA and visited the Mystic Seaport Museum to ask permission to get plans to build her. Back in Australia, in his boatyard at Mourilyn, a town halfway between Townsville and Cairns, he built Providence V, his first wooden boat, out of the last of the Tully rainforest timber. She has spur mahogany hull; quandong masts; penda below deck and beech decks.

She is therefore a unique boat as the original Gloucester schooners were built from American timbers. The 31st Annual Gloucester schooner festival was held in the American city of Gloucester this year. These fishing schooners became obsolete during the 1930s, displaced by motor schooners and trawlers.
Canada’s most famous schooner 43m Bluenose II is a replica of the original Bluenose, a 1921 Grand Banks fishing  and racing schooner. The cost of her rebuilt is estimated at around $25 million.
Robertson family (above) who survived 38 days in a  liferaft. Providence V starred as their boat in the film Survive the Savage Sea. You can find more about the Robertson family via the BBC   here.  

The Bluenose is also on the Candian 10 cent piece and 50c post stamp.
Meet The Owners
Come and meet her wonderful owners!
Grant Lewis
Grant has had many occupations - all seafaring. He has been Captain of a cruise ship in the Kimberley as well as skippering Providence V and Mi Lady. In his home state of Tasmania, he was a fisherman, commercial diver and when he met Lindsay, he was diving for sea urchins. 
 Grant is always happy when he is either on the water or tinkering with his boats. He is a foreign going master and is a Master 500 ton.
Lindsay Simpson
Lindsay is the author and co-author of nine books, five in the true crime genre. She is also a journalist and now writes fulltime. Her work has appeared in The Australia Way in Qantas magazine. One of her books, Brothers in Arms co-authored with her best friend Sandra Harvey, was made into a television mini-series Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms by the producers of Underbelly and had over a million viewers. 

Her work has appeared in Qantas magazine, Kill Your Darlings and she spent 12 years at The Sydney Morning Herald. She also runs life writing retreats in Australia and overseas called "Writing Life"

  Lindsay and Grant bought Providence V in 2005, having discovered her in the Whitsundays, while they were on their honeymoon in 2003. 

Providence V was based on Magnetic Island between 2006-2015, before  Lindsay and Grant brought her back to the Whitsundays. Their combined family of five kids have grown up working on Providence V.
Meet the Team
Come and meet our awesome crew!
'There's a millions of uses for boats. I first got involved in sailing when I was 17 and I volunteered on the Spirit of Fairbridge, an old wooden 92ft long pilot schooner. She was based on the west coast of Scotland out of Oban and spent half of the year out of Glasgow. The clientele were people aged 16-25. Most of them had mental health issues or confidence issues or they were just out of prison. I got my qualifications when I was quite young.’ 

Kieran arrived in Australia in July 2014. Following his passion for tallships, he worked on the Spirit of New Zealand and then the Derwent Hunter in the Whitsundays. He joined Providence V in 2015 beginning as a volunteer. 

What do I like about sailing? 'I like the space. When you are on a boat, the boat can anything you want it to be. I like the space and the clarity out there. You can take all your problems. While you’re working you have the clearest time to think.'

Working with people is important to me. I have this magic I feel and I'm try to spread it the way I see it. I say to people: 'Isn't it magical what we're doing here?' Trying to get that feeling across to them. Some of them have never been sailing. It's hard to remember sometimes what it's like if it's your first time.  They take the wheel. They work in an office and they come out in a boat and they're out in the elements and it's a different place.'

Tallships? I like boats because they're beautiful. Someone's had the imagination and the mind to design and build a boat. They've taken a gorgeous old sleek piece of wood and made it into a boat. I appreciate the building of them and the thoughts that went into designing them. Tallships aren't the fastest but they're definitely the classiest. 
Providence V is the prettiest boat in the Whitsundays that's for sure. She sails a dream. She cruises along under sail beautifully. She lets you know if anything's wrong if you've got one sail too tight. She talks to you. 

And as to where we are? Whitsundays is a brilliant sailing area like someone designed it for boats to go out sailing around. Whales jumping out of the water. Turtles poke their heads out. Dolphins everywhere and a great place for snorkelling on the reef.'
Joshua del Mar
 I was four years old when I first went to sea. My grandfather had a fishing boat in Foster NSW. I’ve always been into the ocean and the sea mostly through surfing and diving as a young kid in the mid north coast of NSW. When I was 16, I went on the Young Endeavour from Sydney to Eden. I told my Mum I wanted to get a boat and do surfing charters in Indonesia so my mum said: ‘You’re going on the Young Endeavour.’ I ended up living in Indonesia for six years between the ages of 26 and 32 so I lived half of the dream as I still didnt’ have the boat. I’ve spent the last 10 years out of Australia. I’ve only just come back from Chile where I lived for three years. Over there, I sailed in some friends' boats from Los Villos and Zapallar.

What do I love about sailing? I feel like the sea is my element. The ocean is my element. It’s mostly about the affair I have with the ocean and a boat is the best way to be on it in it and around it all the time.

It’s probably the romance of it to have a boat and go wherever you please with the wind. To be able to be self-sufficient and independent of all the things that happen on the land. I am about to buy a little Herreschoff 28. it’s a fibreglass ketch. i came to Airlie to find a boat and I paddled out in the moorings. I came across this little boat that needed some love.  l left a note and the guy rang a little later and said: ‘I think we’d better talk'. His wife was quite ill. It’s the only one I looked it that i liked. It’s called Fortitude.
 ‘My passion and appreciation for the ocean started from an early age after moving from Sydney and the big city lifestyle and having dived all over the world, I finally chose the beautiful Whitsundays as my home. It’s a privilege to work aboard Providence V. She has a unique energy that she emits to all the staff and guests who sail on her. 

I love sailing the seas and meeting new people while continuing to learn how to sail this mystical sailing boat. Life is an ocean - sail it…..’